Enhance Your SEO Score With Dedicated Server

For some bloggers, especially those who just manage personal blogs and not oriented for make money online with SEO, perhaps using shared hosting package to host their domain is enough. However, can you imagine if you are depending on your blog to earn money with that package? I really believe that it can be a big problem sometimes.

Just for instance, yours will be affected whenever other people who are on the same IP with you get banned by search engines. Although this is a rare thing, but trust me, it can happen anytime. Furthermore, using shared hosting is not reliable because the uptime server is unknown. And of course, there are still many disadvantages left when you are using shared hosting for SEO purposes. If you need to have a great result, honestly there’s a simple way to do, just enhance your SEO score with dedicated server.

Why do you need dedicated server to ehance your SEO score? As we all know, with dedicated server, we can fully manage them and for SEO purposes, we can intall as many Class C IP addresses as we need depending on how many domain we have. Needless to say, different Class C IP give more SEO value, right? So, it must be better using dedicated server than using shared web hosting. Beside that, with dedicated server, you can also make several vps hosting inside the server, so that whenever one of your friend going to rent vps from you, you can make it easily. That means, you will have more earning, right? To make it simple, having dedicated server not only able to enchance your SEO score, but also can be used for several purposes.

However, do you know where to find it? If you still confuse in determining where’s the best dedicated server provider on the net, please never hesitate to visit webhostinggeeks.com first. This website is pretty recommended for you because it contains so many information on many reputable providers on the net like its prices, features, etc. Even, you can see their top ten rating which based on the existing customers. In addition, you can directly sign up to one of the available providers whenever you have found the suitable one.


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